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  • Aufstieg zur Burg Scharfenstein
    Aufstieg zur Burg Scharfenstein Photo: CC BY-ND, ASL Schlossbetriebe gGmbH

My day ...

... in the footsteps of Karl Stülpner

The notorious poacher and folk hero has left exciting traces in the region that you can discover on a short tour.

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Photo: Lutz Zimmermann, ASL Schlossbetriebe gGmbH
Meet Karl Stülpner, the Robin Hood of the ore mountains, in the flesh at Scharfenstein Castle. Listen to his stories and be whisked away into his exciting world. At the Karl-Stülpner-Museum in the castle you will gain further insights into the life of this Erzgebirge game thief, storyteller and folk hero. On a subsequent hike around the Scharfenstein district in Drebach, you will come across the memorial stone to the poacher as well as the house where he died.

If there's still time ...

... stray into the woods around the Greifensteine rocks, where you’ll find the Stülpnerhöhle cave. This is where the “Robin Hood of the Erzgebirge” would hide out during his escapades.
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