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  • Förderturm beim Besucherbergwerk Zinngrube
    Förderturm beim Besucherbergwerk Zinngrube Photo: Desiree Scheffel, CC BY-ND, Besucherbergwerk Zinngrube
  • Wanderung am Röhrgraben
    Wanderung am Röhrgraben Photo: Corinna Bergelt, CC BY-ND
  • Papierschöpfkurse in der Papiermühle Niederzwönitz
    Papierschöpfkurse in der Papiermühle Niederzwönitz Photo: CC BY-ND, Stadt Zwönitz

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“Everything comes from the mine” ‒ join us in a thrilling search for the relics left behind.

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A pit cage takes you 100 metres straight down into the Zinngrube Ehrenfriedersdorf Visitor’s Mine, where you will get to see old mining equipment in action. The nearby Röhrgraben, a channel which supplied water to the heaps and ore-washing facilities in the Greifensteinwald forest, makes for a wild and romantic hiking trail. You will also pass the Greifenbachstauweiher, created as a mining reservoir and now a popular recreational retreat.

The Paper Mill Niederzwönitz (Papiermühle Niederzwönitz) once took care of all the mining administration’s paper needs and is one of the oldest paper mills in Germany still in operation today. The modernised museum houses a number of functional, historical pieces of equipment – so there are lots of interesting facts to be learned!

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Experience the mining past in other places in the region. You can visit the Thalheimer Wille Gottes mining tunnel during a guided tour. An educational trail leads you through the so called Binge (sink-hole) of the collapsed Geyersberg. And on a hike around the mountain town of Thum, you will pass the historic lime works.
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