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    Bulldogmuseum Photo: Corinna Bergelt, CC BY-ND

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Mining and the hosiery industry have had a lasting impact on the Greifenstein Region and on people’s lives here. Join us on a journey of discovery into the past.

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stocking factory in Gornsdorf Photo: Vanessa Schüppel, Greifensteinregion
A guided tour of the Zinngrube Visitor’s Mine in Ehrenfriedersdorf is absolutely not to be missed. Descend into the depths of the mountain in a pit cage and feel like the miners of yesteryear when the old mining equipment is shown to you.

Then pay a visit to one of the hosiery museums in Gelenau or Gornsdorf. Gelenau mainly exhibits large looms; Gornsdorf takes a closer look at hosiery knitting. One good tip is the small hosiery factory in Gornsdorf, where the machines are demonstrated on a guided tour and there is an explanation of how the stitches are formed. Please make sure you book in advance.

Another interesting attraction is the Turmmuseum (Tower Museum) in Geyer. This provides an insight into the art of making garment edgings and trimmings, and the various ways these can be used.

The extensively modernised Technical Museum Paper Mill (Technisches Museum Papiermühle) in Niederzwönitz displays various machines used for paper production. It is one of the oldest paper mills in Germany still in working order. The chance to make your own paper, like in the old days, is a very special experience, especially for kids. Please do book in advance.  

Hosiery industry & trimmings production

If there's still time ...

Hartmann steam engine, Bulldog Museum Burkhardtsdorf Photo: Corinna Bergelt, Greifensteinregion
At the Bulldog Museum in Burkhardtsdorf you can admire an old Hartmann steam engine that still works to this day, as well as lovingly maintained agricultural machines from different periods. Railway enthusiasts can hike the old narrow-gauge railway in and around Thum and visit the monument to transport history in Geyer. Also worth a visit is the Buchdruckerei Museum (Printing Museum) in Burkhardtsdorf, where you can learn how printed words and sentences are created from individual letters.
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