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  • Miniaturschauanlage Renter's Ruh
    Miniaturschauanlage Renter's Ruh Photo: Heike Rudolph-Braun, CC BY-ND

Mein Tag ...

... when I uncover little gems

Small in size, big in personality. Visit magical miniature worlds, meet some snowy owls and discover the idyllic and romantic little spots of our natural world.

Don't miss

Relax as you marvel at the lovingly maintained model villages of Mini-Weissbach in Amtsberg or “Rentners Ruh” in Thalheim. Pay attention to the small details. We recommend combining each destination with a long hike.

Afterwards, you can watch the enchanting snowy owls and amusing guanacos at the Tiergarten Thum (small zoo). Lama and fallow deer enclosures can be found in Auerbach and Gelenau. Take a little detour to the music box in Gelenau with its seasonally changing figures.

Miniature worlds

animal encounters

If there's still time ...

Sit in an idyllic spot by the water, peer into a cave, or picnic at old resting places. There are many special nooks in the landscape, enticing you to linger and discover. These include the Buschmühlenteich (pond), the Tischl (historical rest spot), the Forzbachl spring and the Stülpnerhöhle (cave). Explore one or more of these gems in combination with a hike through the magnificent Erzgebirge scenery. You’ll also pass one or two viewpoints boasting splendid vistas.

Idyllic gems

viewpoints with distant views

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