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  • Ausblick auf Gornsdorf
    Ausblick auf Gornsdorf Photo: Vanessa Schüppel, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
  • Naturbad Gornsdorf
    Naturbad Gornsdorf Photo: Fotoservice Schießler, CC BY-ND, Gemeinde Gornsdorf
  • Strumpffabrik Gornsdorf
    Strumpffabrik Gornsdorf Photo: Vanessa Schüppel, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
  • Spinnrad im Strumpfmuseum Gornsdorf Photo: Vanessa Schüppel, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
  • Osterbrunnen in Gornsdorf Photo: Corinna Bergelt, CC BY-ND
  • Ausblick auf Gornsdorf Photo: Corinna Bergelt, CC BY-ND

Recreation in the countryside


The history of Gornsdorf comes to life at the Hosiery Museum and the Hosiery Factory. At Easter, wander over to the brightly decorated fountain, where you can admire detailed painted Easter eggs, while in the summer the idyllic natural pool offers welcome refreshment.
carved street name signs
carved street name signs
Photo: Corinna Bergelt, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
The community was founded in around 1200 by a group of settlers led by the monk Jordan, a statue of whom stands beside the council office to commemorate this. Weavers, and later stocking makers, began settling here in the 17th century, which prompted the industrial development of the town. The Strumpfmuseum (Hosiery Museum) and the Strumpffabrik (Hosiery Factory) display historical machines and developments from this time. In 1921, an idyllic outdoor pool was established, which today draws numerous visitors to take a dip in the cool water. Like many neighbouring communities, Gornsdorf puts on an impressive Easter fountain display at Easter time (called “Osterbrunnen”), with Easter eggs painted with motifs depicting the four seasons. One special feature is the carved street name signs.


Open-air swimming pool & museums

Visitors come to Gornsdorf to learn about the industrial history of the region as well as to go for a swim in the popular outdoor pool.
Outdoor Swimming Pool · Greifensteinregion
Naturbad Gornsdorf
Museum · Greifensteinregion
Gornsdorf Hosiery Factory
Museum · Greifensteinregion
Gornsdorf Hosiery Museum

Little gems & viewpoints

Square · Greifensteinregion
Wayside Shrine · Erzgebirge
Mönch Jordan

Summer activities

The charming hiking trails around Gornsdorf offer picturesque sweeping views.
Hiking route · Erzgebirge
Rundwanderweg Gornsdorf
Bike Riding · Greifensteinregion

Winter activities

Wind down... by getting active on the winter hiking trails.

Accommodation & Gastronomy

Overview map of the municipality of Gornsdorf

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