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  • Blick auf Thalheim
    Blick auf Thalheim Photo: 360 Grad Team, CC BY-ND, Stadt Thalheim
  • Auszeit in der Rentners Ruh in Thalheim
    Auszeit in der Rentners Ruh in Thalheim Photo: Patrick Eichler, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
  • Radfahren Zwönitztal-Radweg Thalheim
    Radfahren Zwönitztal-Radweg Thalheim Photo: Patrick Eichler, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
  • Thalheimer Osterbrunnen Photo: Corinna Bergelt, CC BY-ND, Verein zur Entwicklung der Zwönitztal-Greifensteinregion e.V.
  • Ausblick Gornsdorfer Straße auf Thalheim Photo: Vanessa Schüppel, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
  • Blick auf die Drei-Tannen-Stadt Thalheim Photo: Patrick Eichler, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion

The “town of three fir trees”


Known as the “Drei-Tannen-Stadt” (“town of three fir trees”), Thalheim is where you can discover detailed miniature figures at the “Rentners Ruh” (“Pensioners’ Rest”) model village, explore the Wille Gottes mine and enjoy a varied range of eateries.
“Rentners Ruh” model village
“Rentners Ruh” model village
Photo: Vanessa Schüppel, CC BY-ND, Greifensteinregion
Mining in Thalheim began as far back as the 16th century, in the hope of striking silver ore. At the end of the 18th century, arsenopyrite was mined in the "Wille Gottes" adit, and given the name “thalheimite” on account of its quality. On request, the tunnel can be visited on a guided tour with the Thalheim Mining Association.

In 1730, the hosiery industry began to shape life in the town; weaving and bobbin lace-making were already well established here. By the start of the 20th century, Thalheim had become the epicentre of the hosiery trade, which is why, in addition to the three fir trees, “Quersack-Max” (“sack-carrying Max”) is also an important cultural symbol of the town. Today, you can explore the history of Thalheim through the lovingly designed miniature figures of the “Rentners Ruh” model village, and at the Haus der Heimatkunde (local history museum) behind the historical town hall. Just a stone’s throw away, you can listen to the special bell chimes of the Juwelier Weissbach, and discover the wide range of inns and restaurants in the quaint little town in the Zwönitz Valley.

Excursions & Sights

A miniature version of Thalheim, as well as the local history museum and a number of activities, are just waiting to be discovered.
Exhibition · Greifensteinregion
“Rentners Ruh” model village
Museum · Greifensteinregion
Haus der Heimatkunde
Mine · Greifensteinregion
Wille Gottes tunnel
Art · Greifensteinregion
Chiming bells
Church · Greifensteinregion
Ev.-luth. Kirche Thalheim
Gym · Greifensteinregion
Thalheimer Sportpark
Industrial Monument · Greifensteinregion
Historische Ölmühle "Wiesenmühle"
Park · Greifensteinregion
Stadtpark in Thalheim
Spring · Erzgebirge
Flora · Greifensteinregion
Narzissenwiese in Thalheim
Viewpoint · Greifensteinregion
viewpoint "Tabakstanne"
Playground · Greifensteinregion
Drei-Tannen Spielplatz
Park · Greifensteinregion
Buntsocken-Park in Thalheim
Architecture · Greifensteinregion
Neukirchner Villa

Summer activities

Enjoy the picturesque views and pass charming little spots as you hike around the “town of three fir trees”.
Hiking route · Erzgebirge
Westlicher Thalheimer Rundwanderweg
Hiking route · Greifensteinregion
Östlicher Thalheimer Rundweg
Bike Riding · Greifensteinregion
E-Bike Service · Greifensteinregion
E-Bike-Ladestation am Buntsocken-Park

Seasonal Experiences

Well · Greifensteinregion
Osterbrunnen in Thalheim/Erzgebirge
Scenic Route · Greifensteinregion
Die Osterbrunnen rund um die Greifensteine
Sledge Slope · Greifensteinregion
Rodelhang am Pfarrberg
Folklore · Greifensteinregion
Ortspyramide Thalheim

Accommodation & Gastronomy


from €45.00
Guesthouse · Greifensteinregion
Pension & Café "Wiesenmühle"
Hotel · Greifensteinregion
Hotel im Sportpark Thalheim
from €50.00
Vacation rental · Greifensteinregion
Ferienhaus Hösel
from €20.00
Vacation Apartments · Greifensteinregion
Gästewohnung Fischer
Campsite · Greifensteinregion
Waldcamping - Erzgebirgsbad

Eat & Drink

Restaurant · Greifensteinregion
Restaurant im Thalheimer Sportpark
Café · Greifensteinregion
Café & Pension "Wiesenmühle"
Baker · Greifensteinregion
Bäckerei & Konditorei Rudolph
Confectioner · Greifensteinregion
Konditorei Hübler

Overview map of the municipality of Thalheim

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